The Key

To a book sale I went, a dreamer,
And found—“Clarinda, the Schemer.”
I paid for it, took it outside to read—
Every page blank—a schemer indeed!

Then I went back on in—to discover
“Clarinda, The Beautiful Lover.”
The words on every page were this:
“I kiss, I kiss, I kiss, I kiss.”

Oh, what a book!
And for twenty-five cents
I couldn’t go wrong
With such writing intense!

Then I turned, and saw, against the wall,
A great big book, almost six feet tall!
The title: “Clarinda’s Longe-Range Plan.”
Did I dare open, and dared I scan?

I did, and out stepped Clarinda, yes!
Her body of work I’m reading clearly,
Each lovely line inspecting dearly.
Agreed, reading’s the key to happiness!

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