On Love

Love will not crucify
The lover whom loves true,
But if the heart is in a lie
Crucifixion will do.

Love will make you naked
If you let it;
Open your soul, awaken,
And you’ll get it.

Seek love’s peace and pleasure,
And something else beside:
A soul too deep to measure
Who always will abide.

Love will not
Do things to you,
For you are the doing,
Yourself done to.

Yes, possess and be possessed;
Give all and receive all.
And yet stand free, confessed
That you choose up to fall.

Pain of tenderness is not pain,
But emptiness gladly slain.
Fill yourself again and again
Until you ache without pain.

Be grateful for love,
But not for whom you love.
For he or she is freed
In answer to your need.

You did not know you needed love?
Inside, deep, you need with your whole soul.
You made yourself ready, winged for love,
And now you fly in freedom, un-caged, whole.

Is it too much to bear? Do you fear?
fear not love, as he comes near.
He is gentle as a lamb, and mild.
Trust him like a trusting child.

Love gives to give,
Sings to sing,
Lives to live.

True love does not crucify;
It lifts what is deep,
Opens the eye,
Bids rise from sleep.

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