She’s Alright!

My Love is strange, and this is true,
She always smiles when I boo-hoo.
She loves to “Hee” when i do weep;
My breaking heart puts her to sleep.
Then how she laughs when i do cry,
And giggles at my tearful eye.
She pulls my leg without remorse
Until I’m backward on my horse,
Then “Ha Ha Ha!” and “Hee Hee Hee!”
My God! She loves to laugh at me!
And when I’m tumbling in the dirt
She holds her sides cause “Hees” do hurt.
Her mouth, full open, gasps for air,
Her lungs fill up, a “Ha” prepare;
And yet, while flound’ring at her feet,
I look and see she’s really sweet!
Oh, I am lost, i know it’s true;
I love my laugher, that i do.
My funny, bunny, yummy light—
Oh, she can laugh, cause she’s alright!

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