Fairy Rain

You lie so snugly in your bed,
A rain-cloud drips right overhead;
Its drops tap on your windowpane.
Sweet serenity of rain.

Drip, drip, drip, and tap, tap, tap;
You slip into your night-time nap.
Tap, tap, tap, and drip, drip, drip,
You doze in dreamy fairy-trip.

All night long the raindrops fall,
All night long your window sings.
Its notes are like a siren’s call
That draws you off on fairy wings.

Soft minutes glide, fluffed hours pass,
And still, a tap-tap-tap on glass.
Fair visions sigh, fair night flows by,
A drop goes drip as dawn comes nigh.

You lie half waking, snug in bed;
A lone cloud drizzles overhead;
It fairy-mists your windowpane.
Sweet serenity of rain.

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