Caught By You

You cook, you sew, you do all things;
You should be wearing Olympic rings.
You make the beds, you mop the floor,
You go to market, so much more;
And when it’s very late at night,
You write out poems that give delight.
You’re on the seventh book, I see,
And every day you’re catching me.
If I could write your working way
I’d ne’er be caught, but fly away.
But after me you, too, would fly,
And catch me with your lover’s eye,
And I would stop, and let you pass,
My wonder-working, lovely lass!
Now don’t tell me that you’re too old
To give me love, keep from the cold.
The warmth of you is my life’s fire,
And I’ll be caught for love’s desire!

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2 Responses to Caught By You

  1. mariamichaela says:

    Wonderful words. So romantic 😍

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