One Inch

Clarinda, Clarinda, I’m feeling forlorn,
Big clouds overhead, cold is the morn.
You’re so far away,
Day comes more gray,
And what to my dearest
Have I got to say?

I send you my love, my sweet lover true,
I send you my love with a kiss.
My sad soul now gladdens in winging to you,
To aim at your heart and not miss!

Clarinda, Clarinda, I’m much less forlorn,
Now writing to you in the cold of the morn;
You’re far away still,
But strengthens my will,
And gone is my chill
As sun takes the hill.

Is it sun? Is it love? Is it you?
Is it seeing us clearly and new?
It will come, will that day,
When you won’t be away,
And I’ll send from one inch
What my heart has to say.

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