Me, You!

If I’m a mountain, you’re the earth that lifts me high;
If I’m a tree root, you’re my leaves that touch the sky;
If I’m a rock-face, you’re solid rock inside of me;
If I’m an island, you’re the wave that crushes me.

You come, bright rippling from afar,
My glad, expectant sands await your kiss.
And I come, too, a floating island star,
That glides into your tide that will not miss.

Crash of wave and shore!
Foaming joy, life’s roar!
The sun has never seen such happy fight!
Our arms close arms about
In passion without doubt,
The sky forgetting it it’s day or night!

If you are honey, I’m the meat;
If you are coffee, I’m the taste;
If you’re the roll, then I’m the sweet;
Our breakfast never goes to waste.

Touch of lips on ear,
“Angel, I am here!”
We’ve never known a love that is so true!
Clasp fingers—three, then four,
A grasping urge for more,
And I forget if I am me, or you!

If I’m a star, then you’re the light that through me beams;
If I’m a planet, you’re the rocket landing dreams;
If I’m all space and time, then you’re all time and space,
And our life-endless love is mirrored face to face.

Touch, and laugh, and cling;
Kiss, and sigh, and sing,
“We are one with joy that will not die!”
True lover says what’s true,
“I love, love only you,
And we are one-in-one to stream and fly!”

You are a mountain, I am the vale that worships you;
You are a tree, I am the bird that praises you;
You are a rock, I am the earth that holds you tight;
You are an isle; I, sea, waving with delight!

Crash of wave and shore!
Homing joy! Selves roar!
The world has never known such happy pair!
Our mouths close mouths around,
In loving we are bound,
If sky is even there, we do not care!

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