My Love-Dove

Oh, doverly-loverly doverly who?
My dove-love, dove-love, dove-love you!

Oh Lovesy-dovesy went to see
All the beauty that could be.
Then Lovesy-dovesy came back home,
Looked in mirror, didn’t roam.
For lovesy-dovesy, she could see
All the beauty that could be.
Knock-knock, she heard; knock-knock once more.
She opened wide the big front door.
A poet stood there, writing words;
His pen did tweet like little birds.
He looked at her, was stricken through
With all that’s beautiful and true.
Then Lovesy-dovesy said her say: “Love me?”
“Oh,” said he, “you’re such a force!
Of course, of course, of course, of course!”
Then he went in, she locked the door,
And they did love forevermore!

Oh, loverly-doverly, loverly who?
My love-dove, love-dove, love-dove you!

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