My All

My lovesy-dovesy, loves she me,
And loves she, too, my poesy.
Each rosey-dosey poem I write
For her is meant to give delight.

She is my all, my lovesy-dove,
More lovelier than dovey love.
She’s everything, and more than that—
Compared to her come all things flat.

My luffy-duffy is so fair
A pillow’s fluff, her luffly hair!
Her lips and eyes, so luffly, too;
Oh lovey, my whole life’s in you!

So luffly is her few-word mind,
A little puff of blue-bird kind.
She tweets a tweet so fleet above,
I catch it and concur—it’s “Love!”

My lovesy’s all the world I see,
If there’s another—-not for me!
For lovey-dovey is my all,
And off the cliff for her I fall!

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