You’re all, you’re all, you’re all to me,
And each new picture that I see
Is more than all could ever be,
So powerf’ly you strike into my heart!

Innocence, beauty, intelligence true—
These three things they make up you,
Which means you need no make-up, dear,
For love-clue you so cute appear.

No make-up, for your skin is sweet;
‘This clue is true, from head to feet.
The clue of heart is in your stance,
Dear body of my soul’s great chance.

The clue of life is in your eyes—
So innocent, so pure and wise.
The clue of joy is in your arms,
Oh, touch of sex with all its charms!

If just one bit of twenty-seven
Is in your sixty-three,
The gods have granted love’s sweet heaven
In giving you to me!

Now don’t be shocked, don’t say we’re old;
Your blushes show rich warmth in you.
My gentleness can be soft-bold
With touches that are tender, too.

I am engulfed by all you are,
I’m drunk within your love-star bar.
Oh, press my brow with fingertips
While drink I from your luscious lips!

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