Oh, You!!!!

You opened the door; I said “hello.”
You said, “Hi, who are you?”
“I’m a traveling poet and, wouldn’t you know it,
I do believe I know you.”

“Really, sir? I don’t know any poets.
You must have the wrong address.”
“Oh dear sweet maid, don’t be afraid.
I’ve come for my happiness.”

“I’m not a maid, and not afraid,
For with poets I am done.
A Facebook one I once did know,
But he took off on the run!”

“But see, but see! That poet’s me!
I ran away to here!”
“Oh, with that tale I can’t agree,
You’ve been drinking too much beer!”

“I know your name, your Bingo know,
And Shogun I know, too!”
“No sir, we play no bingo here,
Though I’ve got a gun for you!”

Then shoot me, dear; I’ll die away.
But one last wish—some Nescafe.”
“Ha Ha!” you laughed, and Hee-hee-hee!”
And that’s how coffee saved the day!
With the added touch of your sneaky play!

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