If Only

If only you were with me, dear,
And I could hold you oh, so tight,
I’d feel your warmth pass through me, dear,
A full moon all the night.

Then in the sky of our bed-sheet,
With clouds of covers close,
We’d touch our cheeks and fair bare feet
Like buds of gentlest rose.

Our garden sweet of sky and earth,
Mid mist of joyous bliss,
With snuggled love would grasp our worth
In one last sleepy kiss.

Together, one, we’d doze and dream,
Till dark gave way to light,
Then we’d awake, a single beam
Of shining, dew-eyed sight.

If only you were with me, dear,
And only “you” the song we knew,
We’d sing it softly lip to ear,
And feel our dream come true!

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