The Title Is…

I don’t know how to dance, my dear,
But if you show me I will prove
To watch your step and every move,
And if your feet keep closely in
I promise I won’t step on them,
But since your face is so much rose
I might by chance light bump your nose,
And if you frown or hiss a hiss
I’ll think you’ll want—I’ll give–a kiss.
Then if I learn to whirl and whirl,
I’ll whirl the world of my rare girl!

I don’t know how to dance, my sweet,
So first, let our two bodies meet.
Oh, meeting sweet, so fair and fine,
This dance of still is mine, all mine!
I’ve got it, yes! Be still, don’t move!
Perfection I right now do prove!
Your breast I crush? Your breath won’t last?
I’m teaching you! You catch on fast!
Now lean on back and take a look,
Then read my heart in two-eyed book.
The title is: “I Love So Much
My Lady With the Still-Dance Touch”.

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