O Lady Mine

O Lady mine, my Lady bright,
Your face is my great light.
Through shadows gray it guides my way,
Your sparkling eyes my signs of day.
Down lonely path I hear you laugh,
Your honest joy my only staff;
Where e’er I am, what e’er I do,
Your face divine is shining true;
And if in dream I’m seeming lost
Your lips and eyes get me uncrossed,
Then straight again, though dreaming still,
I cheerly go right where I will.
O Lady mine, my lady bright,
Your face divine is my great light.

O Lady great, my darling star,
You’re my good fate, you really are—
A fate of right we’ve made our own,
A right of love for us alone,
A love that’s sure as any star
Because we know just who we are,
And so we love the who we see
And pull more true than gravity,
I pulling you, you pulling me
To be the fate we want to be!

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