Miss Wallflower stood lone by the window—
If she could escape, she would!
Young Doorflower stood lone by the doorway—
If he dared run off he would!

But the weeds kept their eyes on the flowers
And made them feel shyer than shy,
And the minutes passed on into hours
Until—the flowers blink-blinked eye to eye!

Oh! He’s taken a first step forward,
And she takes a little one-two.
Then sudden he halts and stammers,
“May I, run away, with you?”

But weeds are blocking the doorway,
Chatt’ring and babbling of nought,
While gulping down all the fizz-water,
Obedient to what they’ve been taught.

Then into the room of the party
Comes wind with a furious blast,
And the flowers leap through the window
While all the weeds hiccup and crash!

Wallflower, Doorflower, walk in amaze
Out under the starlight sky;
Their hands squeeze together like one star’s rays
As they swing all their shy goodbye!

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