Monopoly, my dear, of you,
Is all the profit I pursue.
Your money, honey, I want not,
But all your kisses in my pot.

With heart I’ll store, and then get more
To stack and pile behind Love’s door.
I’ll have it all, the most of worth,
I’ll be the richest man on earth!

I’ll spend a bit, give you dream fare,
Lend back your kisses for a share
In all the love you hide inside,
Which is the treasure I have spied.

I want it all! I’ll have it, Sweet!
Your lips, your hugs, your life, complete!
Monopoly’s not just a game,
It’s our true light of profit’s flame!

I want it all; yes, yes, I do,
And now I play the game named Clue.
Right here it is; I should have known!
The thoughts of you, self-willed, alone!

There’s nothing dead within your head,
You’re so alive, self-willed, self-led.
Of more than profit I am king,
Your fine-souled mind my everything!

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