I played a game with my Lady,
It’s called Monopoly.
I bought up many a little green house,
She bought a big hotel,
And we each bought two railroads—-
The Reading, it ran well.

I rolled the dice, thought it was nice,
For I had got a nine,
But Community Chest—it wasn’t best—
I had to pay a fine!

My Lady rolled an eight,
And visited my house.
She paid the rent; we ate
A lunch made out of mouse.

“Oh,” she lied, “that’s good,
Now visit me one day.
At my hotel we’ll eat as well,
And you won’t have to pay.”

I strolled along the Boardwalk,
Then rolled two ones–called two.
At her hotel on famed Park Place—
“For free,” I thought, “Hoo, hoo!”

But oh, she was a sly one,
Said, “Only meals are free,
“You stayed all day, now you must pay;
I’ll take your dough. Hee hee!”

Then I passed Go and got more dough;
Two hundred, wasn’t much,
While she flew down to Connecticut.
Right then I had a hunch!

I rolled a little four,
Then she rolled twelve–oh yes!
For she was going to Jail.
Ha Ha! What happiness!

But glee was too short lasting;
Alas, I rolled eleven!
And I was off to Jail, too,
With her, my greedy Heaven!

We sit in cell together
And don’t discuss the weather,
But talk of business misses
While she steals all my kisses!

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