The Find Of The Two Self-Made (with apologies to Sir Walter Scott)

Half a year, half a year,
Half a year onward,
Lost in the valley of love,
Lonely we wandered.

Shown to me not, were you,
I, but a name to you;
Messages yet got through,
On them we pondered.

Poems to the left of us,
Letters to right of us,
Typed out delight of us;
Deep dreams have plundered!

Would we arrive at all?
Come to loved bliss at all?
End in a kiss at all?
Oh, how we wondered.

Lit up with laughter, light,
You at morn, me at night,
Hope was our light of light,
Leading us onward.

Words of our thinking, clear,

Thoughts that were deep and dear,

Souls of our souls appeared

Sounder and sounder.

Love was the test of us,
Life wanted best of us;
No, never rest for us,
Touch needs commanding.

Yearning embraces strong,
Singing a true love song,
Sought we through distance long,
Seeming unending.

Poems to the right of us,
Letters to left of us,
Love was the flight of us—
Now, face to face!

Oh, what a grandeous thing!
Hear the bells ring and ring!
Love, we have everything,
Tranced in one space!

Oh, when shall our joying fade!
Love, we have made the grade!
Oh, that first kiss we made!
We were soft thunder.

Honor the kiss we made,
Do it again, sweet maid;
Honor we two, self-made,
Wonder of wonder!

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