I Praise You

My dear, what a wonderful, hard-working worker were you!
Almost unbelievable, and yet, it is true.
You, you, you did it all! Oh what a dynamo!
Working, pregnant, researching, teaching, pregnant again,
Keeping up with current developments in your field,
Cooking meals, working, raising children, tutoring!
Late at night—your mind a light! Early morning, too!
Who in the heck—or the Hell–could keep up with you?!
And here come I, who’s known you half a year,
To sing unstinting praise to you, my dear.
Yes, lavishly I praise you to the skies
For all your work and perseverance, mindful eyes
That saw what must be done and did it earnestly;
The spirit of life in you energetic, good—
Holding, molding steady, career and motherhood!
Not many men could do as half as well
As you, my dear, my heroine, my highest One!
Oh, how lazy most men seem beside your fire!
The golfing politician, the partying corporate lawyer,
The men who work eight hours a day, come home, and play.
Yes, whoever sees or knows the you I know
Sees everything there is of great and good
And I, I see, I know, and I do praise you, praise,
For your hard-working nights, achieving days!

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