The Snugglers

Oh snuggle-hug, my snuggle-hug,
Oh snuggler, can’t you see
That since you’re lonely for a hug
You’d better now hug me?

I snuggle true, I do, I do!
My arms, my hands, are fit.
If you would have a snuggle new
Come give a hug—I’m it!

I’ll snug real close, I’ll snug real tight,
I’ll snuggle you complete;
And you will feel a snugg-l-er
From shoulders down to feet!

We’ll smuggle snuggles in and out,
Get past the sheriff, Fate;
He’ll think there’s snugglers here about,
But look, and see, too late!

For in a blanket we will be,
Like under-cover spies;
And I’ll snug you, and you’ll snug me,
While loving darkness flies!

You snuggle true, you do! you do!
Soft flame my body burns.
I snuggle too, I do! I do!
And Fate, he never learns!

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