I love your oopses, they’re so sweet,
And “oops” and “oops” I, too, repeat;
However far or near we be
Your oopses are like stars to me.

They twinkle, tink, in ears and eyes,
Like tiny sparks of Paradise;
They make me laugh, and I feel free
When oof! I get an “oops” from thee!

It means mistake of speech too bold,
Of lover’s warmth come in from cold,
And yet you love it—oops!–it’s true!
And I love oopses more than you.

Oh no! Not more! Now, oops, I goof!
I only mean they’re on my roof—
My roof of love, with “oops” on peak,
With you whose lips I—oops!–do seek!

Let “oops” not ever sink or droop,
But with its o’s around me loop;
Then chain me, love, and see me be
The “oops” that’s ever up for thee!

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