Our Lady

We skip and sing “Our Lady” through the day;
She’s got a lip more bright than brightest may.
And others, for her cheeks, they sing much, too,
And others, for her eyes, so black and true!
And all about, we fays of fairy-land
Give praise with clap-clap-clap of fairy hand.
Then on the stage our sweet, dear Lady comes
To beating of our tiny, tiny drums.
Her hair is black, yet shines like halo fair,
While both her eyes send beauty everywhere.
Her lips, her lips, her lips—-Oh, down we fall!
We sigh, we faint, we can’t believe it all!
Now everyone has lust for just one kiss—
Oh! There’s nothing in the world to give more bliss!
Arouse we now the butterflies to dare,
To dare to sing the silentness of air,
To whisper in our Lady’s ears so sweet
These tender, loving words I’ll not repeat,
Because for her alone they will be more
Than all the words men ever spoke before.
And so, with flap-flap-flap of fairy wing,
Our Ladyship is lauded while we sing!

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