When I Look Back

When I look back on where I’ve been,
Through heavy trouble, full of strife,
I’m more determined I will win
And find a finer, happy life.

I have been loaded down with cares,
Tradition clamped its jaws on me;
But I’m still strong and i do dare
To fight and fight till I am free.

I have a love, he’s good and true;
He does not weaken, doesn’t break,
But writes me thoughts to think on through,
For me his dear and my own sake.

It’s difficult to think new things,
To face the past and see it clear;
It’s hard to try on brand new wings
When I am older, old age near,

But if I’ve got two decades more,
Or maybe more, or maybe less,
What better thing is living for
Than my true love and happiness?

He tells me not on him to quit,
He tells me not to quit on me;
“Just once,” he says, say “I am it!”
And be what I should always be—

A woman proud, again to start
A life she never gave full chance,
A woman true of mind and heart
Who’s found true love and true romance.

When I look back at who I’ve been—
My choice of trouble, choice of strife
I’m more determined I will win
And feel his lips of happy life.

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