Oh Dear!

My dear, my dear, my dear, my dear, my dear!
You’re in my headlights, dear; to you I steer.
I’ll put my low-beams on, so you won’t run;
I’ll beep my horn so softly; please don’t go!
I’m slowing down, I will not hit you, hon’.
I stop. my door I ope. I see your nose aglow.
Oh, let me pet you, sweet, don’t shake your head!
A gentle hand at first. You are well-bred;
Your eyes are soft and mild,—a wond’rous ear!
My motor’s running; jump in the back, my dear!
We’ll drive to some lone spot where we can play;
We’ll leap about till sunlight brings the dawn,
And then we’ll lie in shadows all the day
Where every dear at last to love is drawn.

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