Straight Up

Love got on horse and rode for many days;
He slowly rode, alone along his ways.
He sang sweet song, but no one did it hear,
And up along a cliff he sang so clear.
At edge of it he looked down on a house;
Outside of it, a dark-haired girl, blue blouse.
He whistled thrice, and she looked up to see
That he was made of rhymes and melody.
She waved her small brown hand, and bid him fall,
But he sat calm, and would not leap at all.
Then up she clomb that cliff on tan feet light,
And topped the cliff to see a man of chance
Who looked at her as he had won romance.
Though plain was he, his singing soul was right.
She said, “Oh, why did you not leap for me?”
He said, “To watch you fall straight up to me.”

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