To represent yourself and yourself alone
Is the only “represent” that you can own.
You can be honest, but you can’t represent honesty;
You can be independent, but not represent it;
You can be rational, but not represent rationality.
Some people may not like it, some may resent,
But even “resent” they do not represent.
My face represents, if true, my own face;
It will never represent a race;
If false, it represents my own dishonesty.
I represent no man, nor a thousand men;
A thousand men do not represent me.

A race consists of many accidental characteristics;
I do not represent accidents.
Accidents do not represent me.
I, myself, am not an accident;
I, myself, am sole and solo maker.
People who seek significance from a group
Are soon eaten and swallowed by that group.
People who hate individualism
Hate themselves most of all.

I am not a race; you are not a race.
You don’t represent me; I do not represent you.
You can paint; I can write;
We each bring something new to light.
Race creates nothing, because race is nothing.
Who chooses to live for race
Chooses to live for nothing.
Who chooses nothing
Chooses his own death.
I choose life; I choose me.

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