Whelmed and Over

I love to overwhelm you, dear;
I think you know it’s true,
And I would cry a silent tear
If that I couldn’t do.

These little lines like others are
That live their lives for thee;
To rise and overwhelm the star
Of my loved poetry.

For, beam by beam they shine for you;
They catch your rays so great;
And then they spread their wealth to you
And clasp your gloried state.

If overwhelmed is state of truth,
And you are overwhelmed by me,
Then let us overwhelm all youth
With ageless poetry.

For deep in heart we know it’s true,
That you love me and I love you,
And overwhelmed am I by this:
That though we’re far I feel your kiss.

You kissed me once, I know you did;
Or maybe you but kissed my page,
Where you wrote o’er the words I’d said.
Still, overwhelming takes the stage.

Oh, overwhelm me, darling, do!
Repeat the words I write and feel!
Give me the love that’s inside you
That I be whelmed by my ideal!

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