Sacrifice of Sacrifice

The people came to see the flame
Would sacrifice the bull;
To ash would burn, though they would yearn
To eat it, make them full.

But sacrifice is sacrifice,
Its law must be obeyed,
And so they came for sacrifice,
Though hungry and afraid.

A winter storm was on its way,
Thick clouds were coming fast.
They needed meat if they would stay
Alive till it was past.

But sacrifice is sacrifice,
Obedience is good;
Good for all is sacrifice,
Though they were out of food.

Then Davish came, looked at the flame,
And damned tradition whole;
Said, “Sacrifice is but a game
To chain the human soul.

“I will not bow, but ‘gainst it stand
Till foul tradition’s done,
And we will eat, at my command,
And feast us everyone!

“I sacrifice the sacrifice
To life that loves and lives,
Declare the death of sacrifice,
Which takes, and never gives!”

And so the people ate and ate,
And through long snow and ice
Stood up against their weak’ning fate
With death of sacrifice.

A new tradition’s started now;
It sings like joyous May,
And none do bend, or downward bow,
Nor even think “Obey.”

For “Sacrifice of Sacrifice”
Is now the anthem sung,
And each one says, “How very nice
To feel so free and young.”

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2 Responses to Sacrifice of Sacrifice

  1. One of my favourite of yours

  2. Thank you, featheredsleep. I’m glad it is.

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