Our Present

You are beauty and gentleness wrapped up in one,
And your picture so perfectly shows me what’s true—
That I grasp and am seeing clear starlight and sun
In the dart of your soul from from the spark-light of you.

I am taken to joy by the sight of your face;
I am clasped, I am rising, up-cast on free wings,
And I’m beating so lightly, I soar with sure grace,
From your reasoning heart-light that holds me and sings.

Were there wind from your pic, ‘t would be fresher than May;
I would catch it out-winding, caressing and soft,
Like a breath from your love, round me gently to play,
Then uplift me and win me to kiss-land aloft.

Oh, the lips of your mouth, they seem thirsting for me,
As the lips of my mouth are a-thirsting for you!
Oh, dear picture of life, that was born to be free,
Do be patient, be patient, till freedom comes through!

You are every life’s present all wrapped up in one,
With a goodness gone greater than any I know.
I am ready for greatness as high is for sun,
And this sky-climbing me plies the wings that you show!

Oh, the power of love is a power not done,
And the glow of the flowing of time is so bright
We are strong to stay firm and together be one,
And forever be true to the beauty of light!

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