Clarinda Is

Clarinda is my only love;
That, all time does prove.
She only is my star above,
And no way can it move.

Clarinda is no longer young;
Past seven decades, me.
But all my songs for her are sung;
She’s mine eternally.

Clarinda-Nancy, fancy that!
Two girls in one I get;
And one shall wear a poem, I bet,
And one shall wear my hat!

Clarinda is my lover true;
Clarinda is my beau;
And now, no matter what we do,
Our love can only grow!

Clarinda is my lady fair,
Whom I do love so much;
Though I am here, and she is there,
Our lips, almost, do touch.

Clarinda says she loves me;
It’s then I faint and fall.
She’ll have no one above me,
And I do have it all.

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