None Like You

My darling Love, one book you’ve done,
You’re glad you’ve got so far.
You had to pant, but you had fun,
My Love, my writing star.

And now I’ll do a long haiku;
Longer, yes, than most;
For no one’s seen a star like you—
No, and you I toast.

Now on you go to do book two–
I wish you speed, my dear!
Try not to pant till you are through
And then you’ll pant with cheer!

If there’s to be another—three!
And maybe even four,
I hope you don’t let energy
Go skipping out the door.

But if you’d like to rest a bit,
Then know that it’s okay.
A morning star has right to sit
Until a brand new day.

And then I’ll do a long haiku
For you, who are my Love,
For there is no one, none, like you,
In all the sky above.

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