My Lab Gal

The laboratory research gal
Was searching for a clue;
She lifted up her microscope
And squinted out at—-me?
I’m not a bug, but could it be
That she has got her eye on me?

I raise my shoulders, puff my chest,
For she might give me hugs;
I know Ill win, I’ll pass the test,
Be king of all the bugs!

Her microscope she closer brings.
Oh, had I seven eyes,
Or twenty feet, a hundred wings,
I’d be the perfect prize!

She takes my hand, finger’s in!
It’s microscoped from palm to nail.
She shakes her head, polite her grin,
Says, “Oops, no tail, you fail!”

I’m sunk in buggish misery,
But I’ll come back; I shall, I shall!
I’ll read her tales of mystery
And give more clues to my lab gal!

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