O Light Of Love

O Light of Love that shines so bright,
That in my mind finds mine of might
Who’s ore is more than all before
For darling One I ton adore!

A ton–nay, two, that grows by day,
And flows and shows the all I say,
To leap in lyric’s pulsing line
That sings, “My lover, you are mine!”

O light in me that means to be
The lasting light of poetry,
I dare its flare, I take it—there!
A living torch more high than prayer!

O lovers all of earthly things,
Of mirth and joy and thought-swift wings,
Come choose your chance in true romance
And bare your soul in Beauty’s dance!

Then no-way, never, duty do;
Your highest goal must be for you!
Step back, take aim, your arrow shoot,
And hit with love your spirit’s root!

That feeling sap will freely run
Till you know you will love a ton,
And she, or he, your lover true,
Will love the light that’s light of you!

The spirit man is spirit mind,
And they who fear it, they go blind;
The love of life is love for keeps,
Awake, alive, in live dreams sleeps.

All passion’s aims, desires got,
Leave the love-light burning hot,
Till life and joy are one in two,
And tons of love are me and you!

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