Hee Hee!

Oh, my pretty one, sly and free,
When did you marry, marry me?
“I married you first when I laughed, “Hee-hee”.
I married you second with another “Hee!”

And how many times have you married me;
Say, my pretty one, sharp of eye?

“As many times you cause “hees” in me,
And that is true, for I do not lie.”

But all these rings on me do weigh
Above a ton—or more, could be.

“Then make me cry with a boo-hoo-hoo
And I will stop, stop loving you.,”

Oh, this, my sweet, I cannot do,
For I do love your laughter, free.
So I will just keep on marrying you
Till I turn into a solid Hee!

“Then don’t comlplain of the weight of love,
Or I won’t “Hee” with the Hees above.”

There’re hees above? Oh, yes, I see!
There’s a million hees aiming at me!

Oh me, once lone, now married man
Live in the Hees of Clarinda Tan!

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