Medical Lust

I take a visionary look
And see you working on your book.
I kiss you lightly on your lips,
You frown at your fingertips.
I blow softly on your ear;
Around you look, no one near.
Then I stop and let you write—
We both smile pure delight.

Oh! If I were only there!
But then, you would get nowhere,
For I would kiss and kiss you so
Your pencil would refuse to go.
Your paper, it would sigh and swish,
Your table spin in laughing dance,
Dear Shogun leaping through the air
And Bingo doing flips—a pair!

The whole big house would walk around,
And jump with such a happy sound
The neighbors would all stare, aghast,
To see an earthquake have a blast!
And yet, when all is said and done,
We’d only had a mite of fun!
And then again you’d start to write
After kissing me goodnight.

But no! I’m not so sleepy, dear!
Come lie with me and rest, my dear!
But first undress, it’s better so;
In nakedness good health does flow.
Let’s both be healthy, wise and true
While we give medical lust its due!

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