I Know

You love me sincerely—I know.
The way you spoke
Of my sincerity,
The way it made you feel,
Struck me so deeply
I knew that you were real.

I knew it before, yes,
But reading, hearing it again,
Made me want to fall
Again into your breast,
As I have oft imagined.

I wanted my arms around you,
I wanted to kiss your lips
And feel your kisses returning.
I wanted to hear you whisper,
“My love, I love you.”
And I, “I love you, too.”

I wanted, and still want,
Me to be yours,
You to be mine.
I want it all the time.

You are more to me
Than—nothing compares,
Only my poetry,
But without you, what is speech?

For you are the truth
Within me that I write,
And everything else
Is dim and low.

On thing I know is free;
One thing I know is true:
That you, my love, love me,
And I, my love, love you.

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