Two doves flew around named Clarinda and Brian,
But she kept flying away.
He cooed and he cooed, did the sweet dove Brian,
But he couldn’t coo her to stay.

So he flew ever faster, coo-cooed, and went after,
Till she was tired of flight,
But hee-hee-ed and ha-ha-ed in her dove-ish laughter,
Well-hid in a tree-top’s height.

Now, if passing a tree and you hear a sweet “Hee”
That nobody’s heard before,
You’ll know that dove Brian did never stop tryin’
Till he was the he she’d adore.

Then Ha-ha and Hee-hee are a he and a she—
Two doves that forgot how to coo,
Except when she’s playing, and lightly soft saying,
“Now Brian, just who are you? Coo!”

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