China, or Tai Jei Jei?

“Jim,” said Nancy, “we both have oriental facial characteristics, such as close-lidded, slanting eyes, but this is not a Chinese characteristic, for China is a country. Therefore, since we have left China we are not Chinese. We are not Chinese-Americans, but are Americans with oriental characteristics.”

“Brilliant!” exclaimed Jim. He went on, “Therefore, to say that we must uphold Chinese traditions is ridiculous. Let the Chinese uphold them, if they wish.” Jim picked up the paper and read aloud, “China collapses. The government of China has dissolved. Yesterday a new government took over and formulated a new country, to be called henceforth, Tai Jei Jei, meaning ‘big sister.’ Wow!” popped Jim. “People who called themselves Chinese must now call themselves Tai Jei Jei’s. I wonder if the men will go for that?”

“Ha Ha Ha!” laughed Nancy. “Hee Hee Hee! This is so funny!”

“I told you,” put in Jim, “China was just a big phony clown. Millions of people, year after year, century after century, bowing down in reverence to a big clown, taking tradition so seriously, sacrificing their happiness and their very lives to the big clown. Then having children who grew up to do the same dumb thing. For what? So that the clown can order more people to die for the State. I say, let China and all countries like it disappear from the face of the earth, and it will be a beautiful place. Then no one will want to die to go to “a better place”. They can live in it right here.”

“Hee Hee Hee! laughed Nancy. “What, asked Jim, “Still laughing? Oh, my dear, you are so precious.”

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