We Are Light!

We came together for loving’s pleasure,
Which was the measure of thought’s desire;
We snuggled against us to handle treasure,
To breathe the life of spiritual fire.

We came together with tongues on bodies,
That touched and tasted, and found them good
That held the actions of wills not cloudy,
But competent deeds for our livelihood.

She moaned a little for loving’s pleasure,
While I breathed deep of her, richly sweet.
Her shining thighs were a sheen of treasure;
My fingers claiming her soft hid heat.

Then, getting harder for loving’s pleasure,
I gave her a satisfied trader’s gaze,
And ent’ring in, knew that we lay winners;
Her eyes in triumph did laughing, blaze!

The slow, sure thrust of my loving pleasure,
Her taking spirit, a-rocking through,
Gave us pure gold of an endless treasure—
Our right to our self-loving selves made true!

And then, intense, for loving pleasure,
We rocked and plunged in a deep-earth flight
To seize all worth of human treasure—
Grasp it! Hold! Yes! We are light!

Now, breast by chest, for loving’s pleasure,
Her fingers walk me, side to side;
We both now know what we’ve made dearer—
Our true life’s love in our sex of pride!

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