More Than

Everything you do or say
Makes me love you more each day,
And more keeps growing oh, so full
With more and more so beautiful,
That I will burst or fall apart
With nothing left but my full heart,
Which could it speak would say, not cruel,
You are impossible!

Though usually that is meant to mean
Exasperation toward some Queen
Who never wants what she desires
Because she yells and then she tires,
So that the king runs back and forth
And never knows what what is worth,
But at the last he cries in full,
“You are impossible!”

But you, my dear, are such a light
On everything already bright,
That I, who love you, joyous rise,
Feel tears of glory clear my eyes,
Revive, rebel, against dark fate,
Become love’s master, sing, create,
Then, big to burst, I shout in full,
“You are impossible!”

Now joyously let it be said,
Before I lose my happy head,
That you’re not really, truly “im,”
But “more than” impossible!

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