I Own You?

You are mine; I own you.
Each breath you take belongs to me.
There are no irons on your legs,
No chains upon your wrists,
But each carefree, swinging step you take is mine.
I own you entirely.

When you’re sitting in a chair,
Reading, or drinking coffee,
You are mine.
When you’re standing at a window
Looking at the rain, laughing,
Or even feeling blue,
You are mine.

When your thoughts are in the sky
And you smile at them,
You are mine.

You can’t get away from me;
There’s no escape.
Even when you dream,
When you are safe asleep,
I own every lovely thing about you.
You are mine.

I’m a hard master;
I demand that you be you,
And never false,
In everything you say and do.
I demand that you enjoy every minute of your waking day.
I demand that you submit to no one,
Unless it’s me,
And only by your own choice.

Every minute, every motion,
Of your whole beautiful life
Is mine.

I own you thoroughly, entirely,
My precious, free slave.
You are mine!

My thoughts are filled with you;
I hold you in my dreams.
You’re bound to me
In my heart’s beatings,
In the breathing of my lungs,
In my sight, my hearing,
In everything I am or do.

Now, my Love, speak loud and free,
Do I own you, or do you own me?

Then I’m your slave?
Yes? And you’re mine?
We’re tied together?
Never to be separated?

Then you love me?
What do you mean,
Let you think about it!?
Oh, you!!!!!

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