Ha Ha Hee

Oh, how I love your little poems—
Your Ha Ha Ha’s and your Hee Heee Hee’s!
What? You didn’t know that you wrote poetry?
My dear, you are a poem to me.

Out in the garden my poem goes
To laugh amongst the flowers.
A Ha Ha Ha for every rose,
And a Hee for lyric powers.

Your hands swing measures sure and sweet,
You beat iambics with your feet,
Your form is not a sonnet quite,
But leads the verse in perfect flight.

And now your Hees have spread their wealth
The garden has more jolly health.
The rose, she nods to make a rhyme
And, full of Ha feels more sublime.

All through the day goes Lady Poem,
My heart, my love, this poet’s home.
And all the world is Poetry
For my sweet Lady’s Ha Ha Hee!

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