Kisses of Light

I picture your face
In your picture that’s newer,
Where the bloom of aged youth has departed.
But for me it has all
Of the beauty of truth
And wise gentleness there getting started.

I picture your face
As you stand close to me,
With my breath coming shorter and fast;
My hands tilt up your face to me
And I kiss away the dark past.
And in your eyes the future wings,
And in your breath the present sings.

We kiss again, I hold you tight;
We’re solid rock that has no flight;
And yet we soften, like two trees
That sway a bit in summer breeze.

We kiss again; I pass your lips!
I kiss your cheeks and nose and brow!
I kiss you everywhere—-and how!
And such a smile is your whole face
When I do hit, or pass a place.
And you do love what e’er I do
Because my passion is for you.

Then every kiss you kiss on me
Is our own highest ecstasy,
Until our lips do once more meet—
As though we crossed a busy street!
Safe! At home! We made it, yes!
Our love is lightest happiness!

I look at you, you look at me;
We see, and laugh that we do see.

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