So Greedy!:)

So smart, so sweet, so kind,
So lively in your mind;
So pretty, oh, so pretty,
So calm, yet coy and witty;
So funny, sharp and cool,
Not anybody’s fool;
So bright, so sweet, so fair,
So thoughtful with your care;
So like the morning skies,
Glad secrets in your eyes;
So practical, so true,
You live the song that’s you;
So loyal in your heart
To dreams that never part;
Such fight for human light
Is your whole spirit’s might;
So quick with common sense,
With love-of-life immense;
Such glad magnificence;
Such industry intense;
Such hands, that make things run
To get your hard work done;
So beautiful, serene,
Such wonder rarely seen;
So light, yet firm and sure,
In spirit never poor;
So happy—-like a star,
You shine where e’er you are;
So good—in virtue, gold;
So brave—in all things bold;
So independent—free
From falsehood’s misery;
So smart, so kind, so sweet,
So agile on your feet;
So pretty, oh, so pretty!
The wit of you so witty!
Yet greedy, oh, so greedy
For more of this, and more!

If I could praise forever
My praise would end not ever;
If always I sang true
My one song would be you.
If I could write for ages
You’d be a million pages,
And this whole universe
Would read you last and first!
And so I sing and praise,
And so I praise and sing,
For days and days and days
A-wing, a-wing, a-wing!
And so I write forever
Your pages ending never.
So smart, so sweet, so kind,
So lively in your mind!
So pretty, oh, so pretty,
So calm, and yet so witty;
Yet greedy, oh, so greedy,
For more of this and more!

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