I Fell

Oh yes, it’s true, I fell for you,
And I will fall my whole life through.
Yet I do rise in falling so,
For your love lifts me as I go.

Yes, lifts me up past all lone days
When all my dreams met leaden haze,
With little strength to stride more high,
Though stood I steady with my “I”.

Stood I true, did not give in,
And then met you, and fell—to win.
I’m falling now, I’m falling fast,
With all my dreams in you—to last!

O Love of loves, my own true One,
My stars, my moon, my happy sun,
My flower first of all on earth,
So petal perfect in tried worth.

In independent soul and mind
You are the best I’ll ever find,
And I’m not looking; no, no more.
Atlantis, I am at your shore!

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