Mentally Wed

Oh, how many times can “I love you” be said,
And how many times can two spirits be wed?
For yes, I do wed you each day with my mind
Where millions “I love you’s” to speech are inclined.

O Beauty of Being, who’s given me bliss,
O Beautiful Thinker, I send you a kiss,
And though it’s but letters typed on a page
I know you will smile for this wedding of age.

Then, “Oh poet” you’ll say, “Oh, you’re really too much;
You need my permission for weddings and such.
And how do you know that I will say yes
To being the bride of your mind’s happiness?”

You’ve said it just now be feeling so free
To fearlessly question a Lord such as me.
You’ve made you a Lady, the Queen of my heart,
And millions “I love you’s” are ready top start!

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