Hoax and Jello

Tolerance is another moral hoax. No one ever says, “We should be tolerant of someone’s honesty, goodness, virtue.” No. It is always “We should be tolerant of someone’s evil,” or, “We should be tolerant of a moslem’s belief that all who think and live differently than he does should be killed.” But toleration of evil is evil in itself; it contradicts, betrays, all the virtues and values of life. It is treason against the good.

Many people who commit this treason against the good fall back on some vague kind of allegiance to Jesus. “I’m only doing what Jesus would have done,” they say, ignoring that Jesus said that they should give up all their worldly possessions. They don’t do that (which makes them liars) and they don’t really “do” anything. They merely argue that we should treat moslems as our brothers (love our enemies), pretending to themselves that they are taking a moral stance when they don’t stand for anything. Then, when someone judges them harshly they say, “See, you can’t even be civil in conversation,” implying that they hold the moral high ground because they are “nice.”

That is another hoax—that niceness equals innocence and goodness. it doesn’t. “Nice” comes from Middle English, meaning “foolish”; from Latin (nescius), meaning ignorant. As it is used today it means “pleasing”. So when someone says, in response to another person, “You’re not being nice,” all that they are saying is that “What you say doesn’t please me,” Or, “Your tone of voice doesn’t please me.” Neither of which statements are concerned with the truth or falsehood of what you are saying. At that point you know you are dealing with someone who is not interested in the truth, in any truth about anything. They have made themselves into bowls of jello for the shakers of propaganda and have no idea of what a real truth-seeking, independent thinker is.

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