Moral Hoaxes

These following two statements alleged to Jesus are what I call moral hoaxes—hoaxes pertaining to morality. One, when someone slaps you, turn the other cheek. This is pure nonsense. Since it is morally wrong to initiate force, and a slap is an initiation of force, the first slap is wrong. A second slap would double the wrong. And it would be just as wrong to encourage that second wrong. When we see children begin to fight and one of them lands a blow, we, as adults, properly try to stop the fight right then and there. We don’t say, “Okay, Frankie, hit Joey a second time, then you can stop,”

Also, there is more than one kind of slap. A big burly fellow with large, calloused hands might slap a much weaker man so hard that he breaks his neck. This has actually happened. Or, a gang member may hold razor-blades between his fingers and his “slap” will leave your cheek a bloody mess. Thus, “turn the other cheek” is not good advice, nor is it a statement of wisdom. turning the other cheek is not an action which protects the positive values of you physical self or your sense of justice. The statement “turn the other cheek” is a moral hoax, intended for the unthinking and the ignorant, as much as is “global warming”.

Two: another big moral hoax is to “love your enemy.” Picture this in your minds: a man comes running into the park where you and your family are having a picnic, playing games, watching birds and butterflies. he is swinging a long sword and shouting that he is going to behead “all you infidels.” He is your enemy, he wants to destroy every value you live for and enjoy. Can you allow yourself for even one second to think of loving this evil monster of a human being? No! In moral righteousness you will grab something to use as a weapon against him; you will scream to your family to run, or to another man-friend or relative to help you tackle this evil beast. A destroyer of good is not to be loved, but to be hated.

His hatred of good is a wrong hatred; your hatred of evil is a right hatred. The stupid idea that any kind of hatred is wrong is just another moral hoax to keep you from holding on to your values. It bears no relation to real life situations, and only keeps good people from acting properly and with full moral conviction.

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1 Response to Moral Hoaxes

  1. Ret MP says:

    to the infidel atticK- defending oneself is not hatred- it is self-preservation. As to the moral hoax of “global warming”; you’ll have to make more of an argument to convince me on that one. Ignorance certainly plays a role in duping and being duped…Turn the other cheek, mother may I have another?- agree ridiculous. Yet some trust Karma to do the dirty work. None of the assaults are hatred born. There are always bigger reasons behind those events; far bigger than the simplified term assigned herein.

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