Queen Sun

I know of one I do not see;
I’ve never heard her voice.
How can she mean so much to me?
Why does my soul rejoice?

Am I demented? Am I mad?
Invisible does make me glad?
Imagination has no start;
Dreams have nothing to impart.

I read on page her happy words,
But cannot change to cooing birds.
“My Lord” she says, and I am floored;
With her typed laughter I’m not bored.

I woke one day and heard her name;
I have no clue from whence it came.
My soul cried out, I reached my hands—
They would not stretch o’er seas and lands!

O lovely Mind of Lady True,
I’m blind, I see, because of you.
I’m deaf, I hear, O Lady Free;
You are love’s star inside of me!

O Night, dark night, my lonely friend,
A day will come that has no end;
My Lady Star will be Queen Sun
And my whole life will say, “You’ve won!”

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