Oh To Be A Book!

A wonderful reader of novels that glow
Swept through the pages of Gone With The Wind,
A galloping reader who’s gone with the flow,
Sweeping the pages of Gone With The Wind!
Up this page, down that one, the character sees
Their actions and thoughts taken up in her breeze;
Lovely perfection of prose whips along
As gathers she tales from high hills of song;
A song, an ideal, of that Tara, sweet home,
That lives in the wind where ever men roam!
If I were a book and if she read me
I, too, would be going to Tara so free!
But I’m not a book, I am only a Lord;
If I were long pages I might be adored.
Alchemist, alchemists, forget your low gold;
Turn Lords into novels, be bolder than bold!

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